Dec 17, 2011

DTSi - The twin spark thing - What the patent says part 3

On searching for checking the novelty of the basic patent of DTSi we came across some interesting facts

  1. Using two spark plugs in a single cylinder IC engine cannot be the novelty of the DTSi patent -Many patents filed before the filing of the basic patent of DTSi show this concept

Filing date: 5 Jun 1989
Issue date: 1 May 1990
Inventors: Paolo Lanati, Alessandro Piccone, Domenico D'Angelo
Original Assignee: Alfa Lancia Industriale S.p.A.

The patent claims the novelty to be the arrangement of the spark plugs in a small engine. Also it claims that the sleeve is for protecting the spark plug from the lubricating liquid which will affect it if it is located where itts located near the timing chain

So the patent claims solving following problems:

  1. Use of two spark plugs to imporve combustion
  2. No need for a rich air fuel mixture - good efficiency in a lean air fuel mixture
  3. Providing a sleeve which protects one of the spark plug from lubricating oil
The cavity in which the timing chain is located opens in the crankcase that is filled with oil for lubrication of moving parts. The chain while driving the driven sprocket carries oil with it for lubrication and if the opening for spark plug is provided in this cavity the lubricating oil spreads over the spark plug and affects its function.

Considering fitting of two spark plugs in a small engine and protecting the spark plug against lubricating oil as solving a technical contradiction, it would require the knowledge of the presence of oil in the cavity near the timing chain and also the knowledge that oil affects the spark plug

Hence we can classify the DTSi as a Level 2 Innovation in which a technical contradiction is solved by applying knowledge from various areas of the industry relevant to the system