May 12, 2012

Patent Searching - Japanese Patents - IPDL (JPO) - Advanced Search

IPDL has the basic title abstract searches in PAJ section of IPDL. This is very useful to quickly check on target patents for the keywords.

But if your study focuses on japanese patents or if you find out through some background research that you have a posibility to find some relevant prior arts in japanese, you need to search on IPDL comprehensively.

For this, IPDL has a advanced search section

The major catch with searching japanese patents is, you would get the most accurate results if you make your search query fully in japanese. Also, do make sure that you have covered most of the variations of your keywords.

Just like a normal patent search, decide the keyword combinations and the part of the patent you will be searching them in (claims, full text etc)

Decide the IPC class, date restrictions etc.

How to reach the search screen?

Everything following that is self explanatory, there is search screen with drop down selection menu, which you can decipher by translating in english.

However, a word of advice don't search in the translated search page, keep practice of searching the original Japanese page (since you will be inputting Japanese words)

The results page looks something like this

The result list page will look something like this

Voila, search is done :)