Apr 22, 2013

Translating Patents - Tools | Techniques | Intricacies

Machine translation, that too a free one, is much economical than human translation. Although for variety of reasons you may,compulsorily, need a human based translation, basic understanding of the patent can be based on machine translations.

The key here is overcome the loopholes and mistakes of each free translation engine by getting help from its rival/competitor engine.
Imtranslator widget embedded below will help you do just that : compare its translation with Bing, Google and Promt. Try it out!

Further, I have tried to make a list of all tools for free machine translation on the web:

Google Translate - http://translate.google.com/
Systranet - http://www.systransoft.com/
World lingo - http://www.worldlingo.com/en/products_services/worldlingo_translator.html
SDL Free Translation - http://www.freetranslation.com/
Dictionary.com Translator - http://translate.reference.com/
Bing Translator - http://www.bing.com/translator
Babylon Translate - http://translation.babylon.com/
PROMT Translator - http://www.online-translator.com/Default.aspx/Text?prmtlang=en
Open Trad Translate - http://www.opentrad.com//
Imtranslator - http://imtranslator.net/translation/
Translation Town - http://www.translationtown.com/tt/datos/onlinetranslation.asp
Langenberg - http://www.translation.langenberg.com