Google's first patent | First patents filed by famous companies

The official date on which Google was founded is September 24, 1998. However, the first patent filed under the name 'Google Inc.' claims an earliest priority of 31st August, 1998.

This patent, US8538886, is about digital watermarking for multimedia content, such as audio, video, text, still images, computer graphics, and software. 

What this patent filing tells us about the company:

It is quite clear that data security was one of the top objectives for the company early on. Watermarking, whether it be for tracing, copy protection, or digital signatures, can be considered a dependable form of security for all forms of data.

Inventors of the patent

Siu-Leong Iu, Malcom Davis, Hui Luo, Yun-Ting Lin, Guillaume Mercier, and Kobad Bugwadia

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