Jun 14, 2014

Workshops on Literature Research, Patent Searches, and many more topics > thinkPat

thinkPat now offers hands-on workshops and short term training courses on following topics:
  1. Conducting Literature Survey for Research Projects / Thesis
    • Objective:
      • To enable the attendees to conduct the entire literature survey of their research projects/thesis, which usually includes solution feasibility analysis, identification of past solutions and present solutions to the central research problem.
    • What the workshop aims to cover
      • A Theoretical as well as hand-on practical session covering all aspects of searching for literature around the central theme of your research project/thesis.
      • Step-by-step guidance on formulating search queries, conducting searches, and retrieving data in major free scientific literature databases and patent literature databases
      • Guidance on data consolidation and management 
    • Target audience:
      • Students
        • Masters & PhD students 
        • With an interest in research, at any level of education
      • Teachers & Project Guides
    • Pre-requisites:
      • None. Except, an interest in research.
Please write to thinkpatblog@gmail.com if you are interested.

We usually conduct workshops in batches of 20. Therefore, if you are registering individually, we will get back to you whenever we have 20 registrations. We'll keep in touch, though. :)

If you are a group > 20, we can schedule a workshop as soon as your group registers together.

If you are from any institute / college, and have infrastructure to support the workshop, along with a big group of interested attendees, we may be able to work out a big discount.