Aug 24, 2014

Virtual Personal Assistants (Programs, Robots) | Real Life JARVIS (Iron Man) & Weebo (Flubber) | Patents

With an active interest of many researchers and engineers, the race to develop the perfect robotic / application based virtual personal assistant is now on.

While the possibilities of application and easing the normal human life are tremendous, the development is not as easy as it may seem (especially to movie buffs who have seen such systems in Iron Man as JARVIS or in Flubber as Weebo).

A quick patent search on google patents returns some interesting patents on such systems, and whats more interesting is understanding the companies going towards developing such systems.

  1. Human Emulation Robot (US7113848) that can percieve human presence and emote!
  2. Intelligent automated assistant (US8677377) by Apple & Collaborative personal assistant system for delegating provision of services (WO2013137660) by Samsung, which are pointing towards Apple's SIRI and Samsung's S Voice.

Many more interesting insights can be drawn from a full-fledged investigation into this. I am on it!