Feb 21, 2015

Aquaponics - Fish & Plant Ecosystem - Water Garden - AquaFarm | Back To The Roots & Ecolife Eco-cycle | Patents

By far the most innovative and good looking ecosystem I saw on the internet, the Aquafarm from Back To The Roots has quickly become one of the things on my wishlist.

Now, it looks pretty simple, and I wanted to see how exactly is it designed.

I got its design patent USD704011S1, which gives the ornamental facets of its overall body, but no detailed description. Guess I would have to buy it to see for myself. 

Another Aquaponics system I have shortlisted is ECO-Cycle Aquaponics; however this is on the more costlier end - perhaps more suited for someone looking at a bigger aquarium.
This one, though, has a detailed description in the form of a published application ready for us to read. Nice!

describes the complete design and working of this system in detail. 

There are other older patents out there for aquaponics ecosystems, but these ones seemed like the only ones commercially available easily and usable in a simple manner. I am looking forward to getting an aquaponics system soon!