Feb 20, 2015

Video Calling / Video Telephony > Invention & Earliest / First Patent > Georg Schubert

Contrary to what many think, video calling had been invented way earlier. Although it wasn't portable, and much like a sophisticated big TV set.

The man who deserves the attention here is Dr. Georg Schubert. He had been working on television transmission and reception, among other things, in a company called Fernseh in Germany.

The earliest patent talking about transmission of animated images on a live basis, just after they have happened is US2079880, filed in 1932.

It is also interesting to note that AT&T showcased a 'PicturePhone' allowing speakers to see regularly updated snapshots of each other at a fair in 1956, one year after the death of Dr Schubert. Following this, many attempts were made to have the video calling feature we have now.

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