Apr 24, 2015

Eco-friendly way to Fly > Bio fuel By Total & Amyris > Using Sugar as Fuel

It is disturbing to think of the time when fossil fuels shall be no more; however, at the back of our minds we always believe of viable alternatives, and the human spirit that shall overcome all odds and save our environment.

central_proof_amyris_2_enWell, Total and Amyris have taken one step towards it. They have successfully used biofuels to power commercial flights in 2014, after numerous tests and demonstration flights and securing a certification by ASTM.

Although this happened in 2014, the patent filings of Amyris using farnesane (sugar derivative) in fuels dates back to 2006 (CA2665198A1).

This really brings hope to everyone in the times of rising oil prices, diminishing environment, changing weather patterns, and what not!