Apr 27, 2015

Fuel from Co2 & Water by Audi? > What about Carbon Recycling International's patent? > Infringement?

With news of Audi creating diesel from CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and Water flooding everyone's feed, it was worth taking a few minutes and checking up patents on this concept.

So I stumbled on US8198338 assigned to Carbon Recycling International, and it claims:

1. A process for production of a liquid fuel from carbon dioxide and water using electricity, comprising:
(a) capturing carbon dioxide from a concentrated carbon dioxide stream within a mixed industrial gas stream;
(b) purifying said concentrated carbon dioxide by separating other constituents from said mixed industrial gas stream;
(c) providing water and electricity and electrolyzing the water into hydrogen and oxygen;
(d) reacting a mixture of purified carbon dioxide from step (b) and hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst to produce methanol, carbon monoxide, water, and at least one hydrocarbon byproduct wherein heat is generated and controlled by increasing the relative amount of said carbon monoxide to increase said heat and/or by adding said carbon dioxide to decrease said heat;
(e) reacting methanol and a mixture of said carbon monoxide and unreacted hydrogen from step (d) in at least one step to obtain said liquid fuel; and
(f) reacting oxygen from step (c) and said at least one hydrocarbon byproduct to produce additional carbon monoxide and hydrogen for increased production of said liquid fuel.

Wonder if what Audi is doing falls in its scope. Hmm, now that would be news!