Jun 28, 2015

Social Networking for Work > LinkedIn Corp.'s first patent filing > Initial Focus

LinkedIn was launched in 2003, and its first patent filings came in 2004.

Two interesting patent filings reveal what the initial focus would have been on, perhaps more like a whitespace the founders were trying to fill:

The earliest one is titled, 'Method and system for leveraging the power of one's social-network in an online marketplace' (US8713000B1)

This patent filing is all about finding people working in a company before applying for a job posting from that company. These people may be direct (1st degree) or indirect (2nd and 3rd degree) contacts in the network of the user.

Clearly, this is the biggest plus point of having a professional network.

Another patent filing which is one of the earliest filings is titled, 'Method and system for reputation evaluation of online users in a social networking scheme' (US8010460B2). This one is all about ranking a user profile based on multiple attributes.

Inventors listed on these filings are:
Josh Elman, Allen Blue, James Duncan Work, Eric Ly, and Reid Hoffman.

Great job guys! We love LinkedIn!