Jun 29, 2015

This invention can make you feel God, or is it a ghost! > God Helmet / Koren Helmet > Low EM pulse on brain's temporal lobe > Michael Persinger & Stanley Koren

Is it true? Does sending weak electromagnetic pulse in your brain make you sense God / Ghosts and give you out of body experiences?

Well, trying the God Helmet / Koren Helmet out and finding for myself is the last thing I would want to do. It would be fun nevertheless.

So, Michael Persinger & Stanley Koren are associated with the famous and one of the most interesting inventions I have read about, the God Helmet.

Much has been spoken on and about Koren Helmet and its experiments and effects, and it sure is all interesting to read.

Interestingly, the first patent filing with Michael Persinger named as the inventor is on an Electrotherapy device using low frequency magnetic pulses.

Michael Persinger & Stanley Koren feature as joint inventors on patent filings for Apparatus for generating electromagnetic waveforms 

Here, this documentary video will make it more clear. Yes, it is Morgan Freeman!