Aug 8, 2015

Best Practices - Patent Searches - Getting Over the 'I have covered all variations' mode

In the keyword based search section of a patent search strategy, the worst thing a searcher can do is believe he has covered all variations.

Now of course, citation and classification searches take care of some part missed by keyword searches, but a good keyword strategy is also important to cover up the part missed by classification and citations.

Reaching a dead stop in variations is normal. The best thing to do after you reach a dead-end is to review the basics.

  1. Go back to your search concepts and check if they have been broken up a single subject - verb - object level.
  2. Check variations focusing on the verb, as this is the portion which is usually overlooked / not delved into deeper.
  3. Run through the initial search results / control patents and observe the variation proximity for a final check.