Aug 16, 2015

Interview Tip - Patent Research - Don't Fake Experience

Don't Fake Experience.

Clearly the interviewer has no way to tell if you really have conducted 70 prior art searches in 6 months; however, even a glimpse of doubt in his head can put your CV at the lower end of his stack.

Be true with your experience

  1. Give approximate, but believable numbers
  2. Don't add types of projects into your list just for the sake of appearing a complete package - for example, if you haven't worked on any FTO searches, and primarily conducted only patentability searches, don't include a smaller number of FTO searches just for the sake of inclusion. Be open, and focus on your searching skills and core knowledge of the activity.

Always remember, it is better to be not hired, than to be fired in your probation - always go for the role you would best fit in.