May 31, 2016

Gululu > An interactive water bottle that makes kids drink water!

This water bottle aims to solve two fundamental worries of parents. To make sure their kids have a companion, and to make sure their kids develop good habits.

Gululu keeps the kids constantly engaged and also motivate them to develop good habits.

Some highlights of this bottle are:

  1. Each Gululu bottle has a virtual pet 
  2. This pet motivates kids to develop good habits. As the kids drink from the bottle the pets grow stronger and evolve
  3. Shaking two bottles together makes the pets friends and they play together
  4. Gululu pets react to the way the bottle is handled - If its stable they get dizzy, if they are tickled, they dance, etc.

The basic concept behind this bottle is helping kids learn through companions and play through engaging a very primal part of our behaviour - we want our loved ones to keep growing and stay happy. Keeping their virtual pets happy is what motivates the kids to keep drinking more water!

More information on this can be found here