Jun 1, 2016

Collar Perfect Travel Iron > Perfect for business trips or otherwise

Many of us have experienced this scenario where we are travelling or are away from home, and we do not have a non-wrinkled shirt / trouser and we have to be somewhere where we need to be presentable.

A creased / wrinkled shirt/suit can make you lose business!.

Many people try different things in such cases -

  1. If there is time, get the shirt/trouser ironed (costs a lot, depending on the country you are travelling in)
  2. If there is no time, buy new shirt/trouser (costs more!)
  3. Carry an iron/steamer and do it yourself
I always prefer the 3rd option, but carrying a full iron/steamer makes the bags pretty heavy. 

This product is a perfect solution to this. Collar perfect iron is portable and very effectively designed for travel.

Check out the video to see it in action:

This product is available at Collar Perfect Travel Iron