Nov 24, 2016

Can your boss find out that you are looking for another job? > Joberate > Monitoring Employee Activity

Joberate, a startup, states its mission (on CrunchBase) as follows:
to help society better understand job seeking behaviors of the global workforce.
The company's technology tracks people’s publicly available digital footprint, which includes their public Social Media data, to measure and quantify each individual’s job seeking activities into a propriety J-Score, which is akin to a FICO score for lenders. Joberate’s technology is available as a standalone, web-based SaaS application, as well as an API that can be integrated into leading Talent Management, ATS, CRM, and HRMS applications.
Wait, what?

Yes, you read that right. This tool enables the employer to track the "publically available" activity of their employees to figure out if they are actively seeking new employment.

Everyone knows it's stupid to search for jobs in the office using your official PC and/or internet connection, but this technology makes even the searches done on private PCs/cell phones accessible to tracking. 

As for the employer, the tool doesn't need to track the employer, per se. As the employer is always looking out for new and better (or in some cases cheaper) employees anyway!