Nov 25, 2016

Self-lacing Shoes > Nike > Patent

Nike made hundreds of nerd dreams come true by bringing the self-lacing shoes to market. All for a noble cause, too (proceeds to go to Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research).

Self lacing back to the future sneakers shoes nike

One of the patents backing this shoe appears to be US8769844, which describes a sensor controlled drive mechanism to enable automatic tying of laces.

A casual search takes to many interesting inventions, such as:

  1. Weight activated tying shoe - CA2564152 & US20050198867
  2. Drive mechanism based fastener movement - US6691433
  3. Elastic strap based lace tying - US5791068
  4. Lace cord movement by motors - US7752774

Gosh! So many people trying to automate this step of tying laces!

Laceless shoes: Hey! what about me?