First Patent Filings By Famous Companies

Searching and analysing the first patent filings of any company can give some brilliant insights, such as:

1. What was the topmost objective of the founding team? What was first priority for them?
2. Who were the founding team members? Who were the innovation leaders?
3. When did the company start getting serious about protecting its intellectual property? When did the company feel it has something worth protecting?

These and many such insights can be generated by analysing the initial patenting activity of any company.
To this end, thinkPat is starting a new section on first patent filings of famous companies.

  1. Google's First Patent
  2. Nokia's First Patent
  3. Nike's First Patent
  4. Walmart's First Patent
  5. Ruyan's First Patent (Hon Lik)
  6. Blackberry (Research in Motion) First Patent

Stay tuned for more!