thinkPat Interviews

It isn't everyday that you get an opportunity to speak with true innovators and pioneers in a field. One such innovating and pioneering company is Ambercite which leverages the power of citation network for its intelligent patent research solutions. 

We speak with Doris Spielthenner, CEO of Ambercite, for a sneak peek at what drove her to start Ambercite, challenges she faced, her thoughts on this changing industry and market, and what does she and Ambercite have in store for us in future. 

Peter Vanderheyden & Cheryl Milone -  Article One Partners - Changing face of research & the future of crowd sourcing

We speak with Peter VanderheydenPresident of Article One Partners and Cheryl MiloneFounder & Chairman of Article One Partners on their views on crowd sourcing and the future of technology & patent research.